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On March 30th Janet Hare of Brio Fragrance ordered an assortment of tassels from our company using a Purchase Order.

(Invoice and Purchase order to be posted here on update)

After we shipped the products we tried to run her credit card it declined. This sometimes happens so we didn't get to worried. Here is a list of all of the times we tried to collect the outstanding bills and three times she lied to us.

*5/29 LIE #1 promised to pay the week of 6/1

*6/11 no check left message on voice mail

*6/16 LIE #2 Promised to pay week of 6/22

*7/2 no check contacted and she promised to cut a check that day. LIE#3

7/8 Left a voice mail on her phone

7/10 Left a message with her employee Anna

7/14 voice mail

7/27 voice mail

7/28 Finally contacted Janet again who said she was having problems with her bank but the problem was fixed so we tried her credit card again. DECLINED LIE#4

7/30 voice mail

8/7 tried the card again - DECLINED

8/10 spoke with Anna again who gave us a song and dance about Janet's mom dying. Yeah I'm going to believe that! LIE #5

If your a customer, a employee, or a vendor of Janet Hare or Brio Fragrance watch your wallet!

Monetary Loss: $1330.

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shup up *** im a retailer and the product sales. that is the bottom line

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